Kids Eating Broccoli Podcast with Dr. Brad Ellisor - Children's Health, Family Health

Welcome to the Kids eating broccoli podcast where we believe that raising healthy kids shouldn’t be complicated. Our mission is to inspire 20 million families worldwide to take the steps to raise the healthiest generation in our history. We interview some of the world’s leading experts in nutrition, human potential and children’s health as well as extraordinary chefs and foodies, to gain insights into simple, fun and creative ways to introduce natural health into homes across this planet. Making the next generation the best generation.
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Kids Eating Broccoli Podcast with Dr. Brad Ellisor - Children's Health, Family Health

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Jan 28, 2017

I’m Deborah Morgan, creator of Kids Health Revolution and fierce mama bear to one busy little boy.  It is excruciating to watch our kids struggle with health issues, feeling helpless. My son was two when we got the news that he had an autoimmune condition. It was even more devastating to be told we would just have to live with it and that it might get worse. I struggled with it for a long time and spent countless hours doing research, reading scientific articles, attending seminars and online summits and even went back to school! We’ve spent thousands of dollars with functional medicine doctors and naturopaths. It was overwhelming and there were moments I almost threw my hands up and gave up. But I didn't and my son’s autoimmune symptoms have been steadily improving! Now I understand that we are not powerless to improve our children's health. I helped my son when everyone told me I couldn't. Now it is my labour of love to ensure that no parent misses the chance to make a difference in their child's health! Together we can make an enormous impact on the health and future of our children.