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Welcome to the Kids eating broccoli podcast where we believe that raising healthy kids shouldn’t be complicated. Our mission is to inspire 20 million families worldwide to take the steps to raise the healthiest generation in our history. We interview some of the world’s leading experts in nutrition, human potential and children’s health as well as extraordinary chefs and foodies, to gain insights into simple, fun and creative ways to introduce natural health into homes across this planet. Making the next generation the best generation.
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Kids Eating Broccoli Podcast with Dr. Brad Ellisor - Children's Health, Family Health


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Mar 31, 2017

This is the story of what compelled me to create the Kids Eating Broccoli podcast

Mar 24, 2017

Same arguments again and again

Specific tools


Kids are capable

Parent job -What when and where

Kid job -If and how much

Q’s -Picky eater, specific diet plans for parents, not eating

Guidance is so helpful bc it helps at the beginning of a change

Clear expectations

Valuing the family meal

Particulars of what the meal means, screens, finish plate,

25% more eating with screen

don’t eat at meal and then want snacks?

62% of kids feel like the phone is more important than the kids

align your words and actions

family power hour once a week talk about schedules, experiences, expectations, etc…

family script at the dinner table, make a plan of what you can say different to replace what isn’t working that you have been saying repeatedly.

One year of intentional parenting

Mar 14, 2017

In this solo episode we dive deep into the concept of how important it is to be the example of a healthy lifestyle for our kids.  I examine what it really means to be an example and what we should be exemplifying to our kids about food.

Mar 13, 2017

Dr. Michelle Wolford was awarded Best Naturopathic Doctor Encinitas 2015.  She's had a private practice in Encinitas for 7 years treating children and adults for a variety of acute and chronic conditions all over the world.  She's been a guest speaker at Medical Schools, on several radio, blog spot and TV programs in addition to a guest writer for the Journal of Alternative Medicine.  She's traveled the world collecting information for your healing experience working with top medical Doctors, Shamans and Guru's from the backwoods of Panama to the mountains of India.  She has a remarkable way of intertwining her Western medical training & knowledge with her profound Eastern medical training & knowledge of plants, energy medicine, nutrition, body movement, meditation, breath work and spirituality.  To learn more about Dr. Michelle Wolford visit her website @